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Custom Animated Banner Ad Samples

Below is a small selection of our custom ad banner designs created for clients in a variety of styles. You can order your custom animated banner here or see our frequently asked questions to learn more about our services.

We create custom animated banners in all sizes for the same price - however only a few selected banner examples are displayed here (just to keep things tidy). These banners are just few examples of banners custom designed for our clients (including some old ones dating back to the 90's) and more can be seen all over the internet. Each banner we create is custom designed for each client and we don't use templates.

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scroll skyscraper (160x600 and 120x600) banner examples
web banner sample animated banner ad banner example banner design sample example ad banner gif banner example gif banner example banner example 160x600 animated banner example animated gif banner example custom banner example gif banner example animated ad banner example 120x600 ad banner 120x600 animated ad banner
scroll 468x60 banner examples
tri2.gif 4ban.gif global.gif 055.gif mp3468x60-1c.gif mp3468x60-2c.gif mp3468x60-3d.gif amex468x60-1.gif amex468x60-3.gif aj.gif dj.gif websprouts.gif retna024-(8).gif daction.gif mmc.gif cingular2.gif ensim2.gif groundtech468x60.gif nard01.gif 3ban.gif 2ban.gif 7ban.gif 1ban.gif cingularharley468x60.gif evisas.gif retna024-(1).gif retna024.gif salestestonline468x60.gif 5ban.gif 6ban.gif ensim.gif fineart468x60.gif troutlet.gif GGExmas468x60.gif bullmarket468x60-05.gif bds.gif band.gif bnc.gif takemy.gif crafts4kidz.gif vinci.gif hostreview.gif lottobyproxy.gif pace468x60.gif seajayj.gif sporties.gif teach.gif tm1468x60.gif tm1468x602.gif tm468x60-4.gif
728x90 banner sample 728x90 banner sample 728x90 banner sample 728x90 banner sample 728x90 banner sample 728x90 banner sample 728x90 banner sample 728x90 banner sample 728x90 banner sample 728x90 banner sample 728x90 banner sample 728x90 banner sample 728x90 banner sample
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Need a custom designed logo?

We offer fully custom logo design with logos created to your specifications for less than $300. We create all logos in vector format (essential for maximum web/print flexibility and real world use) and provide deliverables in all standard formats for both web and print use.

Unlike many budget logo designers, we put the time in when we create your logo. We learn about your company in depth and we research your market and your competition. We listen to your ideas and provide several rough designs for you to choose from before selecting a final design. Every aspect of your logo will be 100% original, and the final result will be a design that you can be proud of, will represent your company in the best possible way and will also be flexible enough for the huge variety of print and digital uses that a logo for a successful company requires.

Contact us for a quote.
Custom Drawn Characters, Avatars and Mascots

Give your website, blog, social networking profile or print ads the ultimate personal touch with custom created cartoon characters, avatars and mascots. We create vector custom character illustrations in many styles (cartoon and realistic) and characters can be created from a photo or based on your specifications. Let us know what you have in mind for your character and we'll be glad to give you quote - or you can learn more about our custom avatar design services.

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