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Book Cover Design Tips for Indie Authors

Posted on March 27th, by animatedbanner in Book Cover Design. Comments Off on Book Cover Design Tips for Indie Authors

I’ve been doing a lot of back-and-forth with independent authors recently regarding how we can work together to to provide design services that are both affordable and effective for them. I’m a huge supporter of authors taking more control over their work and I support it personally by having a Kindle full of indie novels.

As a consumer, I’m glad to do my little bit to help – but as a business person I have to be pragmatic. I have to balance my personal interests with the boring reality of making a living. I’m interested in finding out what indie authors on tight budgets need and devising design solutions that fill those needs in a way that works for all of us.

One way I do that is by participating in various relevant online forums, communities, etc. but I really try to … Read More »